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Point of Sale Time-Savers

Posted on 9th May 2016 by Luke Wilkinson

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Shhhh, do you know about these Point of Sale time-savers? 

Here are some of the handiest Point of Sale tools you might not already know about: 

1. Surcharges

Did you know that you can set up automated surcharges in Shortcuts? In your Point of Sale, you can configure your system to automatically apply surcharges for payment types (ie: for Amex) as well as for specific  dates throughout the year such as national holidays etc. You also have the flexibility to apply surcharges either as a percentage of the total, or as a fixed amount. 

Click here to find out more about date surcharges 

Click here to find out more about payment type surcharges 

2. Grouping Clients

Do you ever get clients that want to pay together? You can easily group them through the Appointment Book, and check them out in a flash. All you have to do is right click on the appointment, add to group, and click on new group. You can then right click on any other appointments and add to them to this group. The appointment book will automatically specify a color to any client in this group. When the clients are ready to pay, you then have the option to check out the entire group or the individual. If you click group payment it will add all the clients in one payment. 

Click here to find out more


3. Managing expenses 

There's a smart way to manage expenses through your Point of Sale, to ensure the accuracy of your business expenditure reporting. Once you have set up and configured your expenses, you can process these through Point of Sale by clicking on 'expense' from the client button. 

Click here to find out how to set up and use expenses. 

4. Printing a quote

Your clients may wish to see a price estimate before they book a service. You can easily provide your clients with a price estimate by printing a quote at the Point of Sale. You can also add a note at the end of the quote; we recommend you add an expiry for price changes and perhaps include a call to action! All you have to do is choose the employee and service as you normally would, but choose quote instead. You can then simply print this off so the client can then bring it to the appointment should they wish to pursue the service.  

Click here to find out more

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With a background in marketing and design across a number of industries, Luke started his Shortcuts career in 2015. His ability to think laterally and extensive knowledge of digital and traditional advertising puts him at the forefront of the Shortcuts strategic campaigns. 

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