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Shortcuts Software supporting the wave of eco salons

Posted on 28th March 2017 by Valorie Reavis


As the world’s leading salon and spa software provider, we take our responsibilities seriously, which is why this month – International Earth Month – we are delighted to announce our partnership with eco-pioneer Green Circle Salons. This connection will allow our salons to move towards greater sustainability easily and quickly, and without increased administrative worries.

The average salon sends more than 1,700 pounds of waste to the landfill every year, some of it hugely detrimental to the planet. It is simply unsustainable if we plan for our children to swim in the Great Lakes or dive into the ocean. But eco-champion Green Circle Salons aims to change all that. The company was first set up in Toronto in 2009 with the aim of massively reducing the waste coming from Canadian salons and guiding the industry towards more sustainable habits.

Over the following five years it grew rapidly until it finally launched into Chicago in 2014. Since then it has built up a network of more than 15,000 client salons that stretches across North America, reaching into every post, or zip, code. It collects all the waste from salons including the chemicals and hair, recycling, reusing or repositioning in highly creative ways, leaving most with around 5 per cent waste to deal with.

The genius element of the scheme is that it is paid for by adding a tiny surcharge of between $1.50 and $2 to every client’s bill, known as the Green Fee. Clients are perfectly happy to pay this fee, and many salons are showing it on their bill as a way to advertise their green credentials.

But while clients have welcomed the move by the industry to massively reduce its environmental footprint, we realized some salon owners worried less about the additional charge for clients and more about how to administer it. Would the front desk remember to add it every single time? That’s where Shortcuts stepped in.

This update allows Shortcuts salons to spread the cost of sustainability across their business by automating the Green Fee charge on their software system. Owners can go green, confident that accidental forgetfulness would not lead to higher costs that cut into profits, while service providers and front desk staff are freed from additional responsibilities.

At Shortcuts we’d like to see more and more salons signing up to Green Circle Salons, which has found exciting ways to use up the waste, including partnering with a local prison where hair is turned into hair booms to soak up oils spills at sea. It also treats chemicals by removing the liquid and neutralizing it, and containing the remaining metals in a secure site while they degrade so they can’t leach into nature. It is also developing a bio-plastic, combining the plastic collected with hair to create bins that are then sent to salons to collect the waste, completely closing the loop.

Ready to go green? Contact your Shortcuts Business Development Consultant to activate your green fee.

Not yet in the green club? It is super-easy to sign up and can literally turn any salon into a sustainable business overnight. All the owner needs do is sign up on the Green Circle Salons website.

The imaginative, visionary team at Green Circle Salons is leading the industry into a more sustainable future and we are proud to step in to facilitate their growth.  

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A marketing professional who has focused primarily on the hair and beauty business for of the past decade, Valorie now runs linkup marketing, a digital marketing agency for the hair and beauty professional. Valorie works to engage clients in the marketing process and help them successfully engage with their clients and community. Energetic and passionate about the industry, Valorie focuses on blending traditional and digital media in order to bring salons closer to their clients.

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