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Maximize your mylocalsalon listing

mylocalsalon is the perfect platform to advertise your business. Here are a few of our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Take time on the design - Create a mylocalsalon profile that stands out from the rest. The more detailed and appealing it is, the more people will visit it

  2. Imagery Upload your salon logo and 5-6 images to your gallery. We recommend 1-2 images of your salon, and images of your latest collection or treatments. Just like booking a hotel or holiday destination online, people want to see what the business looks like

  3. Descriptions Sell your salon through creative and exciting descriptions. Highlight your unique selling points, awards you’ve won, charities you support, your business ethos and whatever else makes your business unique. Connect with your clients and attract the type of new clientele you’re looking for

  4. Keywords Select, select, select. Make sure you select every relevant choice, service and product that your salon offers. This will ensure that you are found in every relevant search a new client makes. For example, a new client may be looking for a salon that does spray tanning and offers a student discount in their area

  5. Ratings Your clients will receive an email asking them to rate their experience after they have visited your salon. This is a great opportunity for feedback and to have your clients sell your salon for you

  6. Specials – Offering a great special is the best way to attract the attention of a new customer. There are a variety of options for your specials and you have ultimate control over them to achieve the desired results. You can easily track mylocalsalon specials through the voucher code showing you how the specials are performing

  7. Coach your staff - Make sure your team understands how mylocalsalon works and who you are targeting

  8. Spread the word - Talk to your customers about the ratings emails, let them know that this will support your business and increase your ranking.They can unsubscribe from the emails if they don’t want to receive them

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