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Debbie Miller has been a driving force in education and building business strategies for more than 25 years with cosmetology schools, private salons, distributors and professional beauty manufacturers across the globe. Today, Debbie proudly works with the Shortcuts team and together, focuses on the development of Smarter Business Technologies that impact the professional beauty industry.

Proven Strategies for Boosting Retail Sales

Posted on 16th November 2015 by Debbie Miller

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Are you stressed out about declining retail sales, or just sick of clients taking your advice on products, and then buying them online? The rise of eCommerce has changed the salon retail game. Watch this webinar to learn how to compete for the attention and loyalty of today’s tech-savvy clients, and find out how to keep your retail dollars in the salon – where they belong!

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Targeting the Male Market

Posted on 24th August 2015 by Debbie Miller

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Watch this session to learn about the modern male client, including how to get more of them into your salon or barbershop, and how to keep them happy. You’ll learn about:

  • The unique characteristics of the modern male client 
  • Their biggest turn-offs and turn-ons 
  • How to speak their language
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Top Tips on Boosting Loyalty

Posted on 10th March 2015 by Debbie Miller

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Building a healthy long-term relationship with your clients takes time, effort and the right tools! Tune in to this free webinar to learn our top tips for boosting client loyalty. You’ll learn: 
• Why your clients are cheating on you 
• Cost-effective ways to reward loyalty 
• How to find out what your clients really want from you
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